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Artha Jackson


Artha Jackson

Artha studied under Dorinda Nyland of Alameda, California, for ten years, taught privately for a period, and then taught for nearly 10 years at Brindley’s Music in Chandler, Arizona, before joining the San Marcos Music Academy. She teaches traditionally using a variety of piano methods, such as Alfred, Piano Adventures, and the standard A Dozen A Day, Hanon, and numerous others.

Artha encourages new beginners, both young children and adults, to commit to piano lessons for a minimum of two years. Most of her students continue beyond three years and those that continue after that play quite well at a comfortable 4-5+ level. Many of her teen students have received music scholarships to the colleges and universities they attend.

Artha is a very patient and gentle teacher. However, she maintains a standard of high commitment with her students, where they know they must practice daily in order to learn and advance. Practice time is recorded with a 100-hour goal to receive a composer statuette award. She encourages her students to attend at least one concert of their choice per year, where they can view and hear piano music at its finest.

“I am immensely grateful for my piano teacher, Artha Jackson. She taught me as a beginner to early advanced where I developed my confidence through the skills learned. I will be forever grateful.”


Somashree (student)


“It has been an honor being Artha Jackson’s piano student. She motivated me throughout my progress. I never knew I could be so comfortable playing the piano for others. She taught me to go beyond my comfort zone, working through the challenges and accomplishing my goals. Best piano teacher ever!”


Katerina (student)


“Miss Artha's kind and gentle manner in teaching my son works well with his personality and sensitive nature. He loves reaching his practice goal of 100 hours of practice to earn his composer statuettes. He's earned two already and looks forward to his lessons. She keeps him motivated and always comes home with a happy attitude.”


Ginger R. (parent)

“Artha has been my daughter’s piano teacher for over 5 years. Artha caters to each individual’s effort and ability.  There is no pressure. My daughter is very active and has been able to take as long as she needs on each level before advancing to the next. Artha is welcoming, patient, encouraging, and  has a wonderful heart. You can tell she loves teaching and loves music.  She is simply the best. My daughter adores her.”


Robyn N. (parent)

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