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Melanie Madrid

Piano, Voice

Melanie Madrid

Specializing in voice and piano instruction, Melanie brings over 20 years of professional music experience into the learning environment. She has made a positive impact on students of all ages in a variety of settings, whether in the classroom, small performing vocal groups, music elective classes, private voice instruction or special after-school music programs.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts from Azusa Pacific University, Melanie’s objective as a teacher is to bring music into students’ lives through a creative and captivating lesson design, primarily through a variety of percussive instruments, keyboards, and vocal music projects. Her primary goal is to create music experiences to fit the needs of all students in today’s classroom, engaging all their senses for optimum learning.

“Melanie is an outstanding, gifted and motivating teacher.”


Sameena (student)


“Miss Melanie has taught our children how to read music and play the piano. More importantly, she instilled in our children a love of music. We are grateful for the experience she has provided to our children.”


Jenn (parent)


“Both of my kids take voice lessons and I’ve seen dramatic improvement”


Suzanne (parent)

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