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Matt Vandal

Guitar, Ukulele

Matt Vandal

Matt Vandal is a remarkable guitarist. His fusion playing will ignite your ears with his enthralling and melodious guitar solos. You can hear his many influences in his playing, including Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny and John Scofield, among many others. His solo fingerstyle sound will remind you of Leo Kottke and Chet Atkins, both of whom are clear influences.

Matt has been playing guitar since the age of seven. “I grew up in a VERY musical home. My Dad played in bands while attending college and my Mom is a classically trained pianist. Two of my brothers are guitar players and another brother played bass. My family has always been connected in one way or another to that beautiful sonic universe that is music.”

Matt has played as many styles of music as he can get his hands on. He was a member of the Pensacola Guitar Ensemble (a classical guitar quartet), is currently teaching guitar, and gigged extensively in the East Valley with the jazz group Vandal Hancock Duo and with his fusion quartet, The Matt Vandal Group. Matt's teaching repertoire contains classical, jazz, fusion, shred, blues, as well as original compositions. He is also an avid player and teacher of the 8 string extended range guitar.

“My son Alec's band played the Hard Rock yesterday.. much of his guitar skill is rooted in his lessons with Matt, so a big thank you!!”


Gil S. (parent)



“I’ve known Matt for about 10 years. He is passionate about music and an enthusiastic teacher. Matt has taught me how to read music and shown me proper techniques for playing guitar.  He is patient and always encourages me to try new styles.  Matt is an amazing teacher and I've enjoyed being his student.”


Nick M. (student)

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