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Marvin Gorovitz

Clarinet, Saxophone

Marvin Gorovitz

Marvin Gorovitz has over 40 years experience as a music educator, saxophone and clarinet performer, and owner/president of a music company specializing in instrumental music instruction and building bands and orchestras in parochial and other non-public schools.

Marvin started playing the clarinet at the age of 10 and saxophone at the age of 12. He began his professional career at the age of 16 at which time he also joined the Philadelphia Musicians Union (Local 77) so that he could play with bands in both union and non-union settings. That same summer, he attended Indiana University on a Stan Kenton Jazz Band scholarship.

Marvin then attended Temple University College of Music where he earned a bachelor of science degree in Music Education and was elected student body president of the college in his junior year. While in college he was also teaching clarinet and saxophone and playing 2-3 combo jobs a week. Marvin was a clarinetist in the US Army and Army Reserve Bands for 6 years and also doubled (saxophone and clarinet) in their Dance & Jazz Bands.

As the owner/president of his music company, Marvin set up the instrumental curricula and started over 50 band and orchestral programs in PA, NJ, NY State and DE, where his company also supplied instrumental teachers/band directors and rental instruments. In addition to teaching and playing professionally, Marvin played solo saxophone with the Warminster Symphony Orchestra, and clarinet/saxophone with The Lower Merion and Tri-County Bands. He relocated to Chandler, AZ from Philadelphia in 2017 and became the primary clarinet and saxophone instructor at Brindley’s Music Center in Chandler for 6 Years.

Marvin is also the inventor of the "Click Tuning Barrel," a unique tuning barrel for clarinet which makes tuning a clarinet much easier while enhancing the overall quality of sound.

When not teaching or performing, you can usually find Marvin on the racquetball or pickleball courts tuning up for his next tournament, or attending his two grandsons' events.

"Marvin Gorovitz is a positive and encouraging teacher, who clearly loves music and is excited to share his extensive knowledge and talent with his students. Marvin also has a great sense of humor, making music fun! Our son Lucius has taken saxophone lessons with Marvin for 6 years. He enjoys his weekly lesson and appreciates Marvin’s guidance and continual input on how to improve his saxophone playing. Marvin remains up to date on the latest teaching resources and methodology. He recently introduced a new technique to our son, which has taken his saxophone sound to an even higher level. We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful music teacher."


Brad and Jennifer M. (parents)



"Working with Marvin has been a life-saver for me. Respiratory disease has

taken over my life, and as I sat contemplating my funeral I decided instead to pull my old clarinet down off the closet shelf and attempt to play again after almost 50 years. Marvin has been a huge part of this ‘journey’, with his vast experience, patience and good humor. Although I had played before, he manages to find the right balance between ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’. Every lesson is filled with fun and knowledge. My playing has improved, and so has my breathing! I would highly recommend Mr. Gorovitz to any clarinetist at any level."

Kathleen S. (student)


"Six years ago, my son started taking saxophone lessons from Marvin. Since that time they have worked together on my son's technique and his ability to play more challenging music has grown. They also play wonderful duets together, which is great to hear. He really enjoys learning from Marvin because he is a positive, encouraging teacher who has a fun sense of humor."


Colette B. (parent)

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