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Bobby Domings


Bobby Domings

Bobby Domings is the owner and operator of the San Marcos Music Academy and Bobby Domings Drum Studios in Chandler, Arizona. He has been teaching and playing drums professionally in Arizona since the early 1990s.

Bobby's passion for drums and percussion began early in his youth, spending much of his time studying privately and participating in the many public school music programs available to him such as jazz, concert and marching bands.

Bobby's drumming education is quite diverse to say the least. Growing up in the Greater Boston area afforded him the opportunity to study under some of the finest teachers in the country, such as Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, GTR), Gary Chaffee and Alan Dawson (former heads of renowned Berklee School of Music), as well as Mike Mangini (Dream Theater). Even after relocating to Arizona, Bobby's quest for knowledge of drumming has never ended, studying with the likes of Jim Chapin and Dom Moio.

Since turning pro in his early 20s, Bobby has performed and/or recorded with such artists as The Revenants (Epiphany Records), The Suicide Kings (Rattle Records), Toshi Iseda (Over the Top Records), Shawn Clement (Hollywood Film Composer), Tammy Patrick and The Trophy Husbands (Rustic Records), and Robin Lore. His drumming can also be heard on FX's smash hit Justified, as well as TNT's Dallas and MTV2's Savage Country.

Bobby's experience and diversity make him one of the best drum teachers in the Valley. He is very attentive and patient, always motivating his students to be their best. Many of Bobby's students have been known to start with him as early as elementary school and only leave when they go off to college.

Bobby is a Pearl Drum Artist, and a member of the Vic Firth Education Team.

For more detailed information on lessons with Bobby, please visit

“I’ve been taking lessons with Bobby Domings for about 8 years or so, and it’s been one of the best learning experiences of my life. Bobby is like the drumming Internet – his brain is a vast network of drumming knowledge - so if I want to learn something, I can just tell him what it is and he’ll help me learn that and more. That’s the great thing about Bobby as a teacher: he doesn’t just say “my way or the highway,” he pays attention to your interests and feeds your passion in a way that encourages your growth as musician. I have the utmost confidence in my drumming abilities, and Bobby was instrumental (pun intended) in getting me to that point.”


Andrew C. (student)


“As an older student wanting to reconnect with drum playing, I found Bobby’s teaching technique to be extremely calming and reassuring. His attention to the details (while solidly grounded in rudiments) provided me with a much stronger foundation and an ergonomic playing style that allows me to transcend across many musical genres. Bobby’s knowledge and skill in the rudiments of drum playing and the various techniques with which they can be applied, gave him the necessary vocabulary to convey those concepts to me as a student.”


Richard F. (student)


“Bobby Domings has been my only teacher for 10+ years. He is a very high skilled drummer and projects precise drumming skills to his students. He is very patient and starts every drummer at their capable level. He is a great mentor and friend to his students. He has much knowledge on all types of music and has been involved in the mix of it throughout his life. Bobby Domings is truly one of the best drummers in Arizona and the best teacher.”


Marvelous Matt Maverick (student)


Marvelous Matt Maverick
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